FIRST day @ Decorex CT

Marie and I did the first shift today and I am grateful to say that it's still exciting for us to open our stand on the first day of the show!

We had a great day seeing "old" clients and dear friends (not mutually exclusive :0) and it is ALWAYS such a joy to see the reaction of the public when they see our Doodles!!! THIS makes us realise that there is so much more to these products than the joy of designing and making them... THANK you for the wonderful words of praise and encouragement it means SO much to us.

I will be posting pics of our stand over the years (from our most embarasing first stand) to the current stand of which we are so proud! Thank you to a great team for the effort and to Amy who caught my vision and put it into practice. You are awesome and I am so blessed to have you in my life !

Thank you for visiting our stand today, we appreciate the support

Decorex CTICC stand H18 Cape Town


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