9 DAYS to DECOREX Cape Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter has arrived and it is soooo cosy at work so we are not complaining about the fact that we are "stuck" indoors getting everything ready for DECOREX. We LoVe getting all the NEW stock ready to show to  you all for the FIRST time :0) It's like getting a newborn baby ready to meet the world :0)

It is always such hard work and sooooo many hours of preparation to get EVERYTHING ready to set up our stand, just getting everything from our studio to the CTICC is a mission and then it takes 4 of us between 8-10 hours to set up. BUT it's worth every minute of the hard work!! It's the only time of the year that we get to meet the people who buys our Doodles face to face, where we get to hear how they feel about our products and where we get the feedback from the end users.

We value your input, your support and most of all the fact that you keep buying our Doodles!!

Hope to see you ALL at Decorex 25 - 28 April!!!!!

Stay warm and be KIND to someone who least deserves it.


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