Monday, May 4, 2015

It was a show stopper!

We just had to pop in on this beautiful Monday morning to share our MOST popular Decorex Quote EVER! Everybody loved it and stopped to read it and have a giggle :)

If you're looking for a fresh Doodles quote to stock this one is a winner! Visit out website to see our other NEW Wall Quotes and contact us to place your order.

Have a Happy Monday.
The Doodles Team

Monday, October 20, 2014

Constantia GIFT FAIR

Doodles only does ONE market per year and this is THE one :0)

Stock up on your Christmas gifts and see our limited edition items never to be seen again!

The Constantia Gift Fair
5-9 Nov 2014
Brommersvlei Rd


Monday, October 13, 2014

Oregon & More - Piketberg

Continuing with our report back on our recent visit to our lovely clients our 2nd stop on route  was at Oregon & More in Piketberg.

Linda has been our client for a long time and she is wonderful at communicating & encouraging us. She is overall just an amazing person! We had a lovely time with her (completely overstayed our welcome :0) and she treated us to lunch and a delightful kuier. Wish we had time to do that with al our clients !

Oregon & More is a very pretty shop with a lovely warm feel, Linda's husband makes beautiful furniture and that adds a lot to her shop. She is clever at display and the end result is very charming.
If you are ever in that area please pop in and say hi to Linda :0)

We had loads of fun putting up a vinyl decal for Linda - how's that for service !!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Visiting our stores - BEDERF, Moorreesburg

We FINALLY took to the open road and started visiting our stores in Moorreesburg, Piketberg, Vredenburg, Langebaan and Malmesbury. Spending time with these amazing people felt like a mini holiday :0)  How BLESSED are we to have SUCH awesome clients!!!

Our first and very brief stop was in Moorreesburg where we spent some time with Jana from BEDERF. A nice large, light and friendly atmosphere with lovely gift and kiddie goodies to choose from. (I am still sad about the missed opportunity to have a slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake :0( it looked AMAZING!

Jana has huge windows to showcase her store and we will be doing some vinyl window dressing for Christmas for her very soon, so please make sure and stop by if you are in her area (or passing through - please let me know how the cheesecake is :0)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Take a deep breath and start preparing your attitude for Christmas :0)

Our attitude determines our altitude.... so true and so exciting when you realise its not what happens to you but how you handle the situation... THAT is what determines the outcome.

I know SO many people who dislikes the Christmas season, some says it makes them sad and others says the crazy shopping and money spending makes them mad. So if you fall into either of these categories (like myself) here is my challenge to you today: Our attitude determines our altitude, so we have control over how we are going to handle THIS Christmas.

Christmas is not about me and you, it's not about shopping and eating way too much. It's about giving and sharing and remembering what the Reason for the Season is.

I am VERY blessed to be getting a new grandson in December and that certainly helps to look forward to the season, I also have an amazing 5 year old GRANDson (the light of my life) who gets excited way before Christmas and that also helps me to check my attidtude. So I am going to DECIDE to change my attitude towards the season and I am determined to enjoy the wonderful time with my amazing family. I am going to focus on the blessings on the year that has passed (and believe me there has been HUGE mountains and long desert stretches) and I am going to start gathering NEW h.ap.p.y memories to cherish in the years to come.

Life hardly ever works out how we planned it and yet there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for it just depends on where you are standing. Look for the happy moments, treasure those and add to them as you go along. I am hoping that there will come a time that I will be looking forward to Christmas as I realise that it's a huge blessing just to be here to be able to share it with my loved ones.

So please join me in CHANGING our ATTITUDES and start looking forward to the season of Goodwill even if it's still 310 days away :0)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ii's a NEW season - embrace the change!

 Winter is here and as we gather dry wood, kindling, warm clothes and comfort food to prepare for "hibernation" with long evenings ahead of us I can't help but get excited about catching up on my reading, watching movies and getting INSPIRED by all the creative souls around the world. How blessed we are to have computers, iPads (fairly good) internet access and PINTEREST :0)

There are so many different seasons in our lives, some valleys and hopefully way more mountains where we can stay a while to admire the view from the top. It is by GRACE that we get THROUGH the valleys and it's by GRACE that we get propelled to the top of the mountains to rest. Whether you are in the valley or on the mountain - keep moving forward!!!!

There has been a lot of change at the studio this year, Leigh has returned after having a new baby so we have another little girl in the Doodles Family :0) Nadia has joined us and heads up the Vinyl department, she is training Elsy and making sure that we all know how to operate the machine - we are having SO much fun with designs that we could not do with the laser machines and can't WAIT for you to see!! We have another guy on the team - Tondi has joined Frank and our screen printing and spray painting is pumping!!! The Doodles family is growing and our vision to create jobs and make a difference has come to pass. All glory to God for that!!!!

Amy started (and runs) our website and she is doing a great job!! We have just received our photos from our latest product shoot with Cheryl McEwan and it is looking beautiful! We will be sending our newsletter out to our stores shortly to guide you to the website for you to see ALL our latest Doodles.
If you stock our Doodles and do not receive our newsletter please contact your rep.

Hope you have a wonderful week, stay warm, stay safe and remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Doodles CAR QUOTES - Thoughts in motion

Remember BUMPER STICKERS??? Let us introduce you to our CAR QUOTES - the new IMPROVED versions of bumper stickers NOT FOR BUMPERS but on the back of your car so that the car behind you can see it clearly.

Marie & I have been talking about doing this for the last 2 years and somehow life gets in the way of some weird and wonderful ideas and we get sidetracked. This idea however kept popping back up and we have known all along that we would eventually get to it when the time is right.

The time is NOW and we have done the first 12 designs and we LOVE it! It's fun, very girly and it sends positive & inspiring messages!!!

Here is a sneak peek at our signage as well as the quotes that Marie & I chose for our own cars.
If you see these quotes on cars - it's DOODLES :0) Hoot, wave, smile and start a new fad by encouraging, inspiring and just making people smile when they "read your car"