DECOREX Cape Town is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all packed and ready to GO! We will be setting up our stand ALL day tomorrow and I can't wait to see the final picture!! It's always such an amazing experience to see all the pieces coming together because we plan it over a period of time and only get to see the WHOLE picture once we have set up and we are able to stand (or crawl) back after 8 - 10 hours of setting up :0)

This year is all about the warmth of wood and simple lines, birds, birds and more birds :0) how can you  get tired of birds when there are just SO many different shapes to choose from? They will be hanging, pinned, magnetised and printed - lots to choose from!

Please come and visit us at Decorex at the CTICC, hall 2, stand H18. We would LOVE to see you!!


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