We are sooooo blessed....

When things are going well we hardly ever pause to ask why we are so blessed, yet when things go wrong we often stop and ask "why me?"  We have had THE BuSsIeSt year Ever and the emails and phone calls are still pouring in. This morning (Sunday) as I drove to work and saw the beauty around me I stopped and ask "why are we so blessed" when there are so many businesses that are falling on hard times.

I do not have the answer to this, I just know that it's ALL about GrAcE and hope that as we receive we will pour out and share the work and create more employment. Thank you for eVeRy order that you've placed and every referral that you've made - because of so many wonderful people in the industry we are growing beyond our wildest dreams.

We work long hours and there seems to be very little balance in our life's at the moment - yet we are not weary and we are filled with energy and joy. THIS I KNOW - is where we should be for now. This is our season to sow and to plant. We are enjoying what we are doing (well mostly :0) and as we face all the normal day to day challenges of running a business, we fly upwards and onwards knowing that we are in God's perfect will for now.

May we make a difference and may you SEE the fruit in our lives.


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