Welcome to all our newbies!!

We are soooo excited to welcome new Retailers on board!  After Decorex we have been getting heaps of emails and phone calls from shops ALL over the country who is super excited to carry our range of Doodles Gifts.

Someone I would like to mention is Linda from Oregon and More - Piketberg, this is a LoVeLy lady who was soooooo patient at Decorex and tried to have a conversation with me in between answering loads of questions, selling, giving change and wrapping up goodies we managed to connect and she ended up getting her first (of MANY) orders last week. Linda very kindly send me a pic to show how she has displayed her stock and we jusy KNOW that we will be hearing from her again VERY soon.

Among all the newbies we also had our VERY faithful "staatmakers" Paint & Decor, Caramel & Company, In House Furniture, Via's Deli, Scrap-a-Doodles  and Kitchen Cafe asking for loads of stock as they all seem to have a boom of clients after Decorex :0) Well done Ladies!!!

We will be doing our decor shoot in the next few days with Cheryl Mc Ewan - this VERY - VeRy talented photographer AMAZES me with her unique eye (thought the lens) and we are soooo blessed to have found her to do our shoot for us - watch this space to see the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter seems to be here, please remember those who are not as warm as you and hand out warm clothes and blankets if you have any extra's.  Be Kind to one another!!


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