Decorex was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Decorex has come and gone and we've had an AMAZING show!!  The people were AWESOME!!! SOOooo many compliments on our stand and products - be careful we might get enormous egos :0) THANK YOU to every person who took the time to comment on our work - we appreciate it more than you will know!

We met THE loveliest, kindest people, made wonderful new contacts and have signed up new retailers from all over the country,  which means our Doodles will soon be available to everyone who asked "but where will we find your products after the show?" Watch this space, we will add the retailers details as the stock goes out to them.

To the organisers - YOU WERE WONDERFUL!! Thank you for all the kind words, we appreciate all your hard work. Can't Wait for Jhb in August :0)

To our a.m.a.z.i.n.g  reps  - you were AWESOME!!! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we are so proud of all of you. GREAT JoB girls, Well done - see you in Jhb :0)

We managed to get through a HUGE amount of work in the last month, between Decorex, The Brides and our loyal Stores we thank you for all you patience and promise to back on track soon - just need a few early nights :0)

Welcome to Liezie our newest addition to our staff. Liezie is running the Laser machine full time and we LoVe having her there. She started with us on Tuesday and has already made a difference in our lives this week. We pray that you will be VERY happy with us :0)

We will finally have time to add new items on a regular basis - keep visiting our blog for sneak previews.

Keep warm and be KIND to one another.


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