Ii's a NEW season - embrace the change!

 Winter is here and as we gather dry wood, kindling, warm clothes and comfort food to prepare for "hibernation" with long evenings ahead of us I can't help but get excited about catching up on my reading, watching movies and getting INSPIRED by all the creative souls around the world. How blessed we are to have computers, iPads (fairly good) internet access and PINTEREST :0)

There are so many different seasons in our lives, some valleys and hopefully way more mountains where we can stay a while to admire the view from the top. It is by GRACE that we get THROUGH the valleys and it's by GRACE that we get propelled to the top of the mountains to rest. Whether you are in the valley or on the mountain - keep moving forward!!!!

There has been a lot of change at the studio this year, Leigh has returned after having a new baby so we have another little girl in the Doodles Family :0) Nadia has joined us and heads up the Vinyl department, she is training Elsy and making sure that we all know how to operate the machine - we are having SO much fun with designs that we could not do with the laser machines and can't WAIT for you to see!! We have another guy on the team - Tondi has joined Frank and our screen printing and spray painting is pumping!!! The Doodles family is growing and our vision to create jobs and make a difference has come to pass. All glory to God for that!!!!

Amy started (and runs) our website and she is doing a great job!! We have just received our photos from our latest product shoot with Cheryl McEwan and it is looking beautiful! We will be sending our newsletter out to our stores shortly to guide you to the website www.doodleslaser.co.za for you to see ALL our latest Doodles.
If you stock our Doodles and do not receive our newsletter please contact your rep.

Hope you have a wonderful week, stay warm, stay safe and remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS


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