Our NEWEST casual worker

When I was getting ready to go to work yesterday, my 4 year old grandson Noah asked if he could came and work at Doodles with me because he wanted to see if he wants to work there when he is big.  Noah has amazing work ethics and when he comes to work he wants to WORK. So after he got dressed he came to ask me if he "looked like a worker" and after reassuring him that he looks the part we set off to work. In the car he assured me that "he could do everything and anything" :0) What a lesson I learned from this little boy! From the minute he walked in he started working, picking up cut outs in the laser room, finding a bucket and picking up the berries that has fallen from the trees and finally he marked our stock for the Constantia Christmas Market - AND THEN I KNEW!!!! Marie and  should just get our kids to have more babies!! They can start part time at 4 and hopefully by the age of 10 or so they can take over from us :0)  Don't we ALL feel that OUR kids/grandkids are just the smartest, most beautiful and MOST special in the world? I am so grateful that I have Noah right here, in the same house and that I have the privilege to see him growing into this really smart, funny, sweet boy, This is one of my greatest joys. Today I am thankful for this.


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