MIRACLES happen EvErY Day!!

This morning I am just SO excited about being PAINFREE after 4 years of to and fro from one remedy to the next just to feel that I am taking ONE step forward and TWO steps back.

Let me start at the beginning (usually a good place to start anyway :-)

I have been doing Graphic Art for the last 18 years and for the last 10 years since starting Doodles I've  spent WAY too many hours behind a computer with a mouse in my hand. Bad posture, lack of exercise (and fresh air) and side effects from chronic medication has all played a roll in me ending up with a frozen shoulder which compromised my movements , muscle spasm and CONSTANT pain. The up-side of this ordeal is that I have met amazing , caring people that have helped me to manage the pain and kept me sane when I felt that I just could NOT cope anymore. After spending MANY hours of having amazing massages with Beryl  (my chosen family) laughing, crying and just feeling that someone gives a darn, visits to Rory (Chiro) and finally visiting a lovely lady Osteopath Karla I have had an UNEXPECTED and MIRACULOUS recovery and felt that I NEEDED to share this with everybody!!!!!

The last few weeks was particularly bad, I wasn't sleeping much as the pain was even worse when I was lying down. I went for injections on Monday & again on Friday last week and had to go to the hairdresser on Friday as I was in too much pain and was not able to wash and dry my hair. I woke up early on Saturday morning and before I opened my eyes I was aware of the pain and discomfort from my neck, down into my arm , shoulder and back. I put my left hand over my right shoulder and said the following words: "Lord, I can't stand the constant pain anymore, shoulder be healed in Jesus name" I said it softly and IN THAT MOMENT the pain was gone!! My shoulder was COMPLETELY pain free and I had 100% movement - I have not had this for YEARS!!!!

I got up, washed and dried my hair and have had a wonderful weekend COMPLETELY PAIN FREE!!!

The last and maybe as important part of this miracle is  that I have not prayed for the the last year - NOT ONCE. The love of my love died and something inside of me died that day with him......... I NEVER felt as if God has forsaken me, in actual fact I constantly felt His presence and His peace but just had NO desire to pray. I think it's because all I could think of to say was "please let me die..." and I somehow knew that this not going to happen (well at least not right now :-) This was the FIRST time that I prayed in almost 13 months and my prayer was answered in an instant!!

Miracles happen every day, some as profound as this is for me because I had something to measure it by and then so many others that goes by unnoticed. I have once again learned from this that there is an AWESOME Spirit within us that is SO POWERFUL and we have NO idea how simple it is to tap into this.

May you experience your miracle and may you be so excited that you will share it with the world, so that everyone will KNOW that they have this Spirit within them, that everyone will tap into this POWERFUL healing and that we may all be pain free, able to have bodies that function the way God created it to be.

ALL glory to God!!!!



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