Visiting our Retailers....

Marie and I took a Very quick trip to Oudtshoorn and managed to pop into two of our retailers on the way back :0)

Hartsgoed in Swellendam was everything that we expected :0) Beautiful clean lined , fresh look shop with the most beautiful kiddie stuff and girly clothes (for grown-ups  to die for - Note to self - need to work harder cause I want the WHOLE range in my wardrobe :0) Alet was not in but we met her new shop manager and she is a sweetheart (and very pretty too :0)

The next stop was a big surprise in Riviersonderend!  Anelle's lovely shop is a fresh breeze in this sleepy little hollow :0) Beautiful Bathroom, LOVE the basins !!!

We will continue to visit our retailers and I will give you a sneak-peek into the stores.
Watch this space :0)


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