Stay in the game....

It has been a year since the love of my life died and there are no words to describe the loss, the sadness and the despair BUT it would be unfair to share the heartache and not at the same time share about the HUGE love and support that I have received unconditionally from my family and friends. Clients became friends, family became my anchor and our lifelong friends became family.....

I have discovered how important it is to stay in the game even if you are hurting, to play through the pain because the alternative is unthinkable. Doodles has been my passion for 9 years and has been my lifeline during the past 12 months. I never thought that it (and my grandson of course) would be the instrument to push me forward when I felt like giving up.

I am so grateful for a job that is creative, challenging and stimulating. For a job that hardly ever has a dull moment and for a great team around me that allows me the freedom to take time off  to recharge.

It is so easy for us to focus on the negative. To only see the bad things about the country that we live in, the sad economy, the cruel world around us and people who just doesn't give a darn.... I am so blessed to step out of my comfort zone when I travel, to see MY world through different eyes and to come back more motivated to BE the change that I so desperately want to see.

This is my challenge to all of you - DO what you can, Where you can, While you can.

 I have learned in the past year that we have no idea how many lives we touch or HOW big the hole is that we leave behind when we are no longer here. I am grateful to my beloved for leaving an amazing legacy, for his love that I still feel every day and I can only aspire to love and cherish my nearest and dearest the way that he did.


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