Life is TOO short to:

NOT forgive
Watch Bad movies
Read Bad books

I have just wasted 2 hours of my life watching This is 40 and it made me realise that I would rather sit and watch my dogs sleep than fill my mind with such rubbish, awful script, acting and foul language. If you cut out every F-word you will only have  a one hour terrible movie instead of 2 hours!!!!

ON the OTHER hand....

Life is way too short to have enough time to gather all the wonderful memories with your loved ones, to read all the excellent books and to watch all the truly amazing movies. SO MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!!

Elna, my dear friend gave me this beautiful gift for my birthday -  a jug from their very own crockery collection with an Afrikaans verse and hand drawn sketches by her very talented daughter  Estie. This "picture" in my office gave me so much joy and made me feel so loved each time I saw it. I will treasure this jug and always remember it with the sunflowers that made me so happy. A thoughtful gift is treasured for always.


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