Count your blessings...

If we take time to reflect on what we count as our blessings we would be amazed HOW many blessings we have!!! From the awesome "champagne" weather days we've had this past weekend to the fact that we have a loved one to share the good times with.... from yummy pancakes to the guilty pleasure of spending time on pinterest when there is SOoooo much work to be done :0) There are no small or BIG blessings, they're ALL B.L.E.S.S.I.N.G.S  

We are so "lucky" to do what we LOVE and to earn a living from that. When we spend time with like-minded people in the industry and we come away inspired - we are blessed. 

Thank you to each and EVERY creative soul that has crossed our path and left us inspired and excited.

COUNT your BLESSINGS and make sure that those who are dear to you KNOW how precious they are.


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