8 Weeks and c.o.u.n.t.i.n.g!!!

We have less than 8 weeks left before DECOREX Cape Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How time flies while we are having fun. It does NOT seem like ten months ago when we were all getting ready for Decorex and yet, here we are again :0)

THIS year we are going to be SuPeR organised and plan to have everything ready waaaayyyyyyyy ahead of time (ha-ha) Marie will be away for about ten days before the show to go to a family wedding in Zimbabwe and I leave the day after Decorex ends to spend a few days in Tasmania. In order to make this all possible we need to focus in the next few weeks and not only finalise our new additions to our range but we also need to get our production line working overtime in order to produce the extra stock needed for the show.

In the meantime the building of our laser room is moving along soooo nicely, it's looking HUGE compared to what we have now and we can't WAIT to move in. Once we move Marie and Chantelle in to the new room we will FINALLY have space to create an admin office YEAH!!!!!!  No more excuses for heaps of undone filling because there is "no where to sort the filing" :0) We are getting ORGANISED - watch this space!

We have seen BEAUTIFUL designs for invites,  name cards, menu's etc from Amy and Leigh and our regular (amazing) designers. They are coming up with fresh, exciting ideas and we just LOVE the colours and the quirky detail. It is a blessing to be surrounded with such talented people and we are constantly inspired by them.

BE Inspired - look around you and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you,


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