NEW things!!

It is that AWESOME time of the year where we are "playing" with new concepts/ideas and having SOOoo much fun giving birth to all the thoughts and ideas that we've gathered along the way.  Samples of our new range is adorning our studio and we get to "live" with every new item for a while before giving the go-ahead and starting production. This is FuN and we are ExCitEd to be surrounded with new colours, textures and shapes.

Bearing in mind that all of this is happening while we are TRYING to carry on with our everyday lives (and not to get toooo distracted  - finding it VERY hard not to "just quickly" add another ribbon, or "just quickly" re- cut this or that to a different size to get the balance JUST right.)

We can't WAIT to show you what we've done  - BUT all will be revealed at DECOREX at the end of APRIL - so WATCH this space :0)

Live EVERY day, BE inspired and COUNT your bLeSsInGs!!


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