It's a NEW year!!!! May the blessings overwhelm you :o)

We are back - rested, renewed and rejuvenated - ready to GO!!! Our prayer is that this will be an AWESOME year for us all filled with PEACE, nEw HOPE, Prosperity and above all GRACE.

This holiday season has made me realise once again HOW important our family and friends are, without them we will have very little memories to look back on. These are the people, our loved ones, who keep us grounded. They do not hesitate to show us their love, their acceptance and their support. THIS is what matters in life.

On that note I am reminded that we can not celebrate our happiness without our family and friends around us to bear witness and to remind us of the little moments that we may forget along the way.

Wedding Season is still in full swing, emails are pouring in from brides and wedding planners and we are EXCITED to start of with our first weddings of the year :0)

Our VERY loyal stores are super organised and their orders are lined up to be done this week - you are all first in line and we should get your orders out SOON!!

Please contact your rep to get your orders in asap if your stock is low. Please remember that ALL stock is made to order AND the more colour specific your order is the longer it takes to complete.

We are looking forward to an AMAZING year with you all and pray that we will all stay safe and spread kindness wherever we go.


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