We are all unique...

Being in the midst of the wedding season we are surrounded by Table names, guest names, seating plans etc and I am AMAZED at the variety of themes that each bride is choosing for her big day.

We've had the fruit of the Spirit table names, Famous Movies, Favourite songs and even Fairy tales, We've had pet names (that the couple use for each other) Fish names, Gemstones and Flowers and many, many more.

We see guest names that we've never heard before and realise HOW unique we all are. There are no cookie-cutter people, we were all wonderfully made to be who we are. To plan our fairytale wedding day and to surround ourselves with what WE love.

Be strong, be brave and embrace YOUR unique style. Break the mould and DARE to BE different when you plan YOUR day.

We are looking forward to the next bride who is going to challenge us and take our creativity to a new level because she wants to her wedding day to reflect HER own UNIQUE style.


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