It's cold and cosy...

It is WINTER!!!!  The days are short and cold and Somerset West is BEAUTIFUL!! GrEeN, Green , GREEN!!! I don't mind the overcast, the cold and the mist if it is sooo beautiful all around me :0)

The BEST part of the cold winter days is that we LOVE to be indoors all nice and snug in our studio and we get SO much more done! 

We have settled into the studio, everything has it's place and all that is left to do is the outside wallart, postbox - still get rainsoaked mail  - and off-course the garden...  I LOVE the church bell across the road, it feels like Europe! And the big tree in our back garden is home to a variety of birds that sings the most beautiful songs :0) How blessed we are to have this home away from home!

On the workfront we have NEVER been this busy before!!!!!!!!!!!! New Retailers on a weekly basis, new brides on a daily basis and heaps of very interesting once off projects in between keeps us busy 10 hours a day. Amy did the stationery for a beautiful wedding in Riebeek Kasteel a couple of weeks ago and we are so inspired by our clients that brings an idea and trusts us to turn it into reality.  

Baby, Belli & Beyond in Somerset West (at the Mall) is selling up a storm, they have a wonderful variety of just about everything that a Mommy-to-be or baby could want, this is a destination station - don't miss out if you are in the area :0)

Report back from some of our retailers:
Oregon & More - Piketberg, Linda says the stock is selling SOOooo well, Pikerberg LOVES our Doodles!
Aartsappel - Paarl, Tanya keeps ordering sooo often, we are happy that you are doing so well :0)
Paint & Decor - Durbanville - Quote Queen - what can we say. We are on their payroll :0)
Fantasties - Robertson - Lesa-Marie says the stock is flying of the shelves :0)
In House Furniture - Woodstock/Observatory - Ordering wall quotes weekly - WOW!
Kitchen Cafe - Somerset West - So happy that you are doing so well!

Welcome to our new stores on board:
Arabesque - Stellenbosch, what a beautiful shop - Well done Lee and Zelda!
Frames & Things - Somerset West - this is the closest retailer to our studio :0)
Bliss - Vredendal

Please contact us if you are unable to find our Doodles in your area.

Keep warm, keep safe and please be kind to each other.


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