Countdown to Decorex Cape Town

It's 25 days to go until Decorex starts......... we are surrounded by hearts of all descriptions, shapes and sizes, not sleeping much as the to-do list is still veeeeeeerrrrryyy long and the ideas are bouncing off the walls. Such a pity that we HAVE to sleep :0)

Our studio is looking so LoVeLy, we finally have matching furniture (after  7 years) or at least the colours match. And we LoVe the feel of the old building. We have had all the workers from our security company to the  electricians take part in decorating the studio (they all have such tall ladders and we just could not let the opprtunity pass). The guys were awesome (and oh so patient) in helping us hang our pictures and mobiles (the ceilings are WAY high). THANK you to Amy, Myli, Jessie and Lindy for BEING there for us and lending moral support and a helping hand.

Thank you to all the familiar faces that have dropped by to see us in our new studio, we promise to have an open day SOON (after Decorex) and you will all be invited to come and see the final product.

Please note that we work strictly by appointment only as we want to make sure that you have our undivided attention while you are with us. Email us at


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