It's "moving house" month for our daughters, Leigh  Mom-to be (Maries's daughter) and Lauren (my daughter). They have both moved house and we have been assisting Lauren with wallart, wallquotes etc to spruce up her first ever home.

It has been a challenge to fit this in between our other deadlines  and I take my hat off to Marie for making it all happen (and making it look so easy :0) 

The wallart in the lounge is looking beautiful and I am AMAZED at WHAT a DIFFERENCE it makes to the room.  (see pic)

Lauren also decided to have words cut for all her kitchen cupboards to describe the contents. This has transformed a very basic white melamine kitchen and makes it look "dressed" (will post pic soon)

This transformation has taught me (first hand) at just how quick and easy it is to change the whole atmosphere of a room in a jiffy.

Watch this space for pics of  Leigh's nursery which I am sure will be coming real soon!!

PLEASE send us pics to show how you've used your Doodles wallart/quotes birds etc to decorate your home.


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